Peanut Miracle at Boobyalla

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Wang Sorenson gazing upon the Boobyalla peanut fields.

The Peanut Miracle at Boobyalla was a miracle performed by Wang Sorenson. The village of Boobyalla was crumbling due to financial collapse. Wang taught the villagers valuable marketing skills, enabling them to sell their peanut crops for hefty profits. Thanks to Wang's help, the village was saved.

This was the last of Wang's miracles, as the Elephant Mafia was so enraged by his actions, they had him killed in retaliation. The Elephant Mafia had been planning a hostile takeover of the peanut fields and Wang's interference cost them greatly.

The Great Stomping

A breakaway sect of Wangism, called Wanganese, celebrate the death of Wang Sorenson. They call this The Great Stomping. During this celebration, followers beat elephant-shaped pinatas while yelling "elephant balls!" until peanuts and peanut candies fall out. The other branches of Wangism do not follow this tradition as they consider it to be "too depressing" and "not keeping in the spirit of Wang."

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