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The Elephant Mafia was a criminal organization who murdered Wang Sorenson in retaliation for his performing the Peanut Miracle at Boobyalla.


The Elephant Mafia formed in the latter 400s in an effort to get a corner on the peanut market. They enjoyed two centuries of prosperity by forcibly taking peanut fields from local villages to add to their own holdings. The governments of many nations saw the Elephant Mafia as a clear and present threat and fought to take them down, but with the Elephant Mafia's vast fortune, they were able to simply bribe their way through any legal troubles.

Peanut Miracle at Boobyalla

In the early 700s, Boobyalla was facing complete financial ruin. Wang Sorenson performed his final miracle by teaching the villagers valuable marketing skills so they could sell their peanut crops for a hefty profit. The Elephant Mafia was planning a hostile takeover of the peanut fields, which would be their biggest score to date. Wang's interference cost them greatly and their leaders became so enraged that they ordered a hit on Wang. Despite the hit-elephant's attempts at being stealthy, Wang was aware of his impending death and met his murderer in the town square. He was crushed under the feet of the hit-elephant while the whole town watched.


Wang's death only served to fuel public outrage against the criminal organization. A few months after murdering Wang, the Elephant Mafia was forced to dismantle, their peanut holdings being mysteriously replaced with mouse farms.

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