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Wangism is a religion that follows Wang Sorenson as the either a prophet, all around cool guy, or Savior sent possibly by God, if God exists, for purposes that humans do not know. Wang's birth fulfilled a prophecy, though Wang followers claim they do not know which prophecy. "That is for Wang to know and us to ponder." is one of the core beliefs of Wangism. Wangism clergy and followers are overseen by the Holy Ingemodh Mother of Wang Cathedral, the central governing body of Wangism.

There are three branches of Wangism.

  1. Reform Wangism - The largest population of followers, known as Wangites. They celebrate Wangzaah and the gift-giving tradition of the Miracle of Agnes VonStrupp.
  2. Orthodox Wangism - Known as Orthodox Wangites, they are the second-largest following, but are shrinking in recent years due to commercialism. They celebrate Wangzaah, but do not follow the Miracle of Agnes VonStrupp because they believe she was making it all up.
  3. Wanganese - A breakaway sect calling themselves Wangians that celebrates The Great Stomping, which commemorates the death of Wang. The other branches believe this holiday is "too depressing."

Second coming of Wang Sorenson

Wangism teaches that one day, Wang Sorenson might return to earth, if such a thing is possible. The exact date of his return is unknown, as is the reason for his return. Most followers look forward to the day because it means Wang will grace them with brand new sea shanties he learned in the afterlife, if he was indeed in an afterlife. However, no one knows if such a thing will occur, as humans cannot know all the mysteries of Wang, so most followers are hopeful, but not counting on it.

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