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Depiction of the modern zumbalimbo ritual.

A ritual dance combining zumba and limbo that must be performed once every hour of the Holy Week during the Feast of The Giant Winged Muskrat. Failure to so results in being flayed alive.


The actual zumbalimbo dance is a complicated ritual, requiring multiple props and at least two mercentaurs. Little is known about how this ritual dance is done as acolytes will be flayed alive by the The Giant Winged Muskrat if they tell unbelievers. The Giant Winged Muskrat is all knowing and all seeing. It's will shall not be questioned.


Several historians have catalogued artifacts they believe are related to the zumbalimbo ritual dance. These items include a horn, a whistle, and a tea kettle. While their use in the zumbalimbo dance are unknown, it is possible that one or more of these items were incorrectly used during the ritual. This is indicated by the charred rubble of the home where acolytes of The Giant Winged Muskrat had lived. Mercentaur bones were also found in the rubble, leading to speculation as to where the family had acquired the animals. Mercentaurs have been classified as an exotic invasive species since the early 1760s and their importation is strictly forbidden.

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