The Giant Winged Muskrat

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Depiction of The Giant Winged Muskrat, seconds before the artist was consumed.

The Giant Winged Muskrat is the central figure of the Feast of The Giant Winged Muskrat.


The Giant Winged Muskrat has always existed and always will exist. Any who question Its Divine Existence will suffer Its Holy Wrath.


It is described as having large bat wings, thorny tentacles, pointed ears that have poisonous tips containing a neurotoxin. It uses the neurotoxin to kill the family members of those who have displeased it. It also might possibly be able to breathe fire, based on descriptions of the charred remains of the houses it leaves behind.

Call & song

The Giant Winged Muskrat often utters an unearthly howl seconds before it descends upon those acolytes who have displeased it. Nearby witnesses say this noise is similar to a tornado if the tornado was just starting to learn how to play electric guitar. Other conflicting reports say The Giant Winged Muskrat sings a beautiful song, to lull its victims into a false sense of security. Often, neighbors get caught in the resulting Wrath due to extreme curiosity. Any who lays eyes upon The Giant Winged Muskrat will be tormented with unspeakable horrors in their nightmares.

Your doom

No pictures of The Giant Winged Muskrat exist and all images of it are forbidden. A select few artists were able to draw The Giant Winged Muskrat's awesome visage, but in doing so, they were consumed by its Holy Wrath. In fact, as you have looked upon this image, you too shall know pain and terror from The Giant Winged Muskrat. Do not try to repent as your voice will fall deaf upon its Holy Ears.

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