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Wang Sorenson's pidgin is the language he used when writing letters and his memoirs. It is based primarily on a mixture of Old Norse, Middle Chinese, and Polynesian, Wang Sorenson's three native languages. Other languages sometimes used include Latin, Turkish, and hieroglyphics of his own design.

Wang Sorenson's mother, Ingemodh Sorenson, was a Swedish princess who taught him Old Norse from an early age. His father, Wang Hop, was a Chinese nobleman who taught his son Middle Chinese so that he could read great works of poetry. Wang Sorenson learned several Polynesian languages growing up in Tuvalu, though it was the Tuvalu language where he had full fluency.

As multiple languages need to be learned in order to read Wang Sorenson's original documents, most Wangites are fine with reading the translations provided by the Wangite School of Pharmacy. The Wangite School of Pharmacy has a dedicated Punctuation and Linguistics Department that translates Wang Sorenson's writings to better spread Wang's words to all followers of Wangism.

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