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Angie did not like having her picture engraved.

The first born of Agnes VonStrupp. She received the first gift during the Miracle of Agnes VonStrupp.

Personal life

Angie married early to an unnamed man in 1144. She had six children with her husband, who died in 1151. Angie conceived a seventh child in 1152 and was believed it was the spirit of Wang that led to her child's conception. Most Wangites hailed the child as the second coming of Wang until a seagull dropped a clam on the child's head, killing him instantly.

Beliefs in Reform Wangism

Angie was a strident follower of Reform Wangism and would often taunt her youngest sister, Amelia VonStrupp the founder of Orthodox Wangism about her beliefs. In one piece of correspondence to her sister, Angie stated:

"As you are not interested in gifts, I have decided to honor your request this year and will not be sending you a present. I could take the high road, unlike you dear sister, but I think my money is better spent on someone who believes in the true spirit of Wang."

Amelia responded with "I think if anyone knows about wang around here, dear sister, it is you." This response enraged Angie, who never spoke to Amelia again.


Angie died from complications of syphilis in 1170.

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