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Agnes receiving the spirit of Wang.

Birth & early life

Agnes VonStrupp was reportedly born a peasant to a poor, but proud Wangite family in what is now Lithuania. Not much else is known of her until the Miracle of Agnes VonStrupp in 1142.


When her husband, a shoe-peddler, accidentally died in an unexpected swordfight, she was unable to pay for presents for her seven children to celebrate Wangzaah. After exchanging sex for money with a mysterious nobleman, he told her to place a feathered stick on her hearth each night and in the morning, Wang would reward her with a gift. She followed instructions and each morning, was able to give a gift to one of her children until all seven each had a gift. Agnes and the mayor of her village were unable to locate the nobleman and realized he must have been Wang's spirit, sent to her in her time of need.

Ever since, followers of Reform Wangism have celebrated Wangzaah with seven days of gift giving during the last week of December.


Agnes's youngest daughter, Amelia VonStrupp, didn't believe her mother's story. She claimed that her mother exchanged sex for money to buy gifts and didn't want anyone to find out. Amelia stated that there was not anything wrong with that, she just resented that her mother would lie about it. Amelia went on to found Orthodox Wangism, whose followers don't believe Agnes's story and celebrate the traditional December 23 gift giving.


Agnes died from complications of syphilis in 1158. Her daughter, Amelia, said she knew her mother had contracted the disease during the night of the supposed Miracle. Amelia stated that her mother's illness only gave credence to the orthodox branch's beliefs. Other Wangites ignored her because they liked getting more than one gift while celebrating Wangzaah.

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