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Welcome to the Substitute Holidays Wiki

Do you find yourself frustrated with the holidays? Do you not celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Winter Solstice, but still want to take part in the winter festivities? Are you not religious, but still want to be included in the annual gift-giving celebration? Are you just visiting the US during the Fourth of July, but still like the idea of backyard barbecuing with friends? Are you religious, but feel a need for a secular option? Do you like the idea of Thanksgiving, but not the hype? Do you loathe Columbus Day, but still want an excuse to enjoy a day off work? Are you looking for a new tradition? Do you just not like the majorly celebrated holidays?

Whatever the reason, SubstituteHolidays is here to serve. Within these pages, you'll find holiday substitutions, their history, traditions, rituals, and everything you need to take part in a celebration without celebrating what everyone else is celebrating. Whether you feel like celebrating the birth of Wang Sorenson or partaking in Chartreuse Tuesday shopping, you'll find it here!

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