Chartreuse Tuesday

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Date observed & holiday substituted for

Held the second Tuesday of November. Substitution for Black Friday.


Chartreuse Tuesday originated in 1439 C.E. with Lady Pemblebrook of Ashton-Upon-Ribble, a merchant of fine Oriental silks and rugs. She dealt exclusively in chartreuse merchandise, it being her favorite color, as reported to the press. To gain new business and promote the beauty of chartreuse decor, she started the first Chartreuse Tuesday. Her marketing plan caught fast and she retired early with a modest fortune.

Chartreuse Tuesday traditions

On this day, shoppers are encouraged to purchase chartreuse items at low, low prices. This was the initial intent of the holiday, however, different regions have added their own flair and traditions over the years. Participants are encouraged to add their own traditions, provided the core idea of purchasing chartreuse items on Tuesday be honored.

In an effort to boost the sale of alcohol , French merchants in the late 1800s proposed that shoppers must toast each Chartreuse Tuesday purchase with a glass of Chartreuse liqueur. This tradition was not initially successful, but is now gaining popularity on the East Coast of the United States and Nova Scotia in Canada.

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